Philippinischer Kampfkunst-Verband

A.E.K. Germany

Arnis Escrima Kali Germany

Train active with the AEK:

All clubs and national associations of the AEK are continuously accepting new members.

If you have interest to join the AEK, just have look under the links on the webpage og on the map, which branch of the AEK is located closest to you and get in touch with the responsible instructor.
Detailed training times and locations are can be found on the respective webpages.


Run your own group within the A.E.K.:

Instructors of the A.E.K. are encouraged and actively supported to start their own training group (instructor level 1) or to found an independent regional center (from instructor level 2 and above) and to teach there in the name of the A.E.K. 

However, these steps have to be agreed upon together with the Chief-Instructor. In necessary, a mentor will be assigned to the new trainer (for training groups), regional centers are always reporting directly to the Chief-Instructor.
A training group is always associated with a regional center.

Join the A.E.K.:

Other groups or clubs, which are already training  Philippine or other martial arts, and which are interested in training with the A.E.K. are welcome to join us.
Similar to the founding of a regional center or training group, the A.E.K. can provide active support. This support can vary from experienced instructors visiting a training to seminars held by other instrcutors or the Chief-Instructor at the location of the group in order to help especialy in the starting phase and tfamiliarize the local trainers and students with the curriculum and general scope of the A.E.K.