Philippinischer Kampfkunst-Verband

A.E.K. Germany

Arnis Escrima Kali Germany

AEK Germany® (Arnis Escrima Kali Germany) is an association for the development and exercise of martial arts with Philippine origin, which has been founded by Dr. Gunnar Siebert in 1985 in Berlin.


A.E.K. Germany is committed to the following goals:

      • Development of Filipino martial arts and culture
        • Preservation of quality an continuous development
      • Teaching of values and standards
        • Education of students and instructors
      • Certification of degrees according to the AEK curriculum


The framework for the training of AEK is set by a  curriculum.  Students are first taught in the style "Combat Arnis" of master J. Cui Brocka, before they are later introduced to other styles.

To guarantee a consistent high standard of training, the Chief-Instructor (Dr. Gunnar Siebert) is assisted by wo committees (the Technique- and Antas-committee), which actively contribute to the development of AEK.

Dr. Gunnar Siebert ist author of the renown book: ARNIS ESCRIMA KALI - Die Kunst der wirbelnden Stöcke, published by Weinmann.