Philippinischer Kampfkunst-Verband

A.E.K. Germany

Arnis Escrima Kali Germany

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Stefan Jerzenbek


  • Full-Instructor, president and active trainer at the Arnis Escrima Kali Berlin e.V.
  • Holds the degree of 2. Antas within the AEK
  • Head of the Antas-committee of the AEK Germany
  • Founding member of the  GSBA (Global Stick and Blade Alliance)
  • GSBA president and former country director for Germany
  • Former WEKAF-president and former country director for Germany
  • Active participant in national and international competitions
  • Ruling World and European Champion in fullctontact stickfighting
  • Has won the European and World Championships in fullcontact stickfighting several times
  • Has won the German Championships in fullcontact stickfighting numerous times

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