Philippinischer Kampfkunst-Verband

A.E.K. Germany

Arnis Escrima Kali Germany

AEK Germany has the following instructor levels:

Level 4: Chief-Instructor
(this level can be held only by one person at a time)
The Chief-Instructor of the  AEK is Dr. Gunnar Siebert.

Level 3: Full-Instructor
(requires degree of at least 1. Antas)
allows to perform grading tests according to the curriculum.

Stufe 2: Instructor
(requires degree of at least 1. Klase / brown belt)
allows the instructor to bear a black AEK shirt

Stufe 1: Junior-Instructor
(requires degree of at least 3. Klase / green belt)



The exact requirements for each level can be obtained from a Full- or Chief-Instructor and are defined in the Trainer-Manual Essentials (.pdf).

A list of all currently acknowledged instructors of the AEK Germany is available by following the links in the main menu.

A complete list of all instructors currently acknowledged by the AEK International can be found here.