Philippinischer Kampfkunst-Verband

A.E.K. Germany

Arnis Escrima Kali Germany

On the 13th and 14th of December 2014, the AEK-Potsdam will host a seminar with Chief-Instructor Dr. Gunnar Siebert.

 Saturday, 13th will have the main focus on training with the long-staff (Bo-jutsu/Sibat) as well as some training with knife and short-stick.

On Sunday there will be a AEK-seminar with throws, Sinawali, knife, double-stick, rewa and groundfighting. After the seminar, there will be the opportunity to graduate according to the AEK curriculum.


The participation fee is 25€ for one day and 40€ for both days combined. More information can be found on the official flyer.

Participants can send their application to Eduard Burza (by clicking on the link, email or by phone: +49 160 734 2789).